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Hi, I'm Dan Strongin, the Copywriting Chef.  I help people improve their business communication and get more customers with effective, personalized, targeted, and entertaining writing. I can do the same for you. Let the Copywriting Chef cook up some great copy for you.

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What People Say About My Wordsmithing

"Dan is a knowlegeable professional with years of experience in the business. I have worked with him on projects not only through Dairy Business Innovation Center, but also during my career at Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board. He has expertise I value, and understands the business principles that need to be applied"

Andrea Neu  VP Marketing Communications, Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board

“Dan is a first rate professional who takes technical information and turns it into good business and good cultural development. His work is impeccable and his standards the very highest. I can always count on what he says and what he does as benchmark..

Clark Wolf 
Clark Wolf Consulting                 

"You are a very good writer. I read your book as well"

Alan Pippenger  Signprinters, Tallahasee , Fl

Some Examples

From my monthly column in the Cheese Reporter to the Educational Marketing materials I did for the CMAB, to the many successful Strategic Marketing Plans and Feasibility Studies done helping people raise funds, to White Papers, to simple effective Sell Sheets and Blog Posts, my business experience and my writing experience is a match for any business that cares about the quality and effectiveness of what they produce.

Simple Sell Sheet

Done for a small producer.

Blog Post Example

A series for Nelson Jameson "Wide Line" 

Journalism Sample

My Monthly Columns The Cheese Reporter

Feasibility Study

Sample taken from actual 

"Flavor, By Nature!" tag line for grass based value-added food company written by

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Fresh Perspectives in Packaging

Lessons learned at SIAL in October 2006

By Daniel Strongin

For the Dairy Business Innovation Center

About this Document

In October of 2006 the Dairy Business Innovation Center (DBIC) sent the author to Paris to attend SIAL, the largest food show for the retail industry. The author’s mission was to better understand state-of-the-art cheese packaging, along with discovering which companies can help supply cheese makers in the U.S. This report is a summary of that journey.

A survey of selected DBIC clients completed in September of 2006, as preparation for this project underscored that, like most U.S. cheese producers, most of our clients pack their cheese in vacuum-sealed plastic bags or trays.

It may seem the least expensive, and certainly, the most available, but is it the best option for cheese? Cheese needs to breathe, especially if it has a rind. European cheeses have been packaged in semi-permeable films for at least a decade. Little known in the U.S., this alternative packaging controls humidity and gas exchange, allowing cheese to “breathe”. Europeans use wraps that don’t stick to cheese, are easy to open, and allow for printing with superior graphics.

Training Programs

The Theory Behind Management Development:

Adult learning requires a very different approach than that required for children. Currently, there are four main training methods in use:

The 4 Main Training Methods.

    • Informational, or lecturing. (Hearing)
    • Instructional, or demonstrations. (Seeing)
    • Hands on participation: (Experiencing)
    • The Conference Discussion method: (Interacting, Giving and Getting Feedback.)
My Portrait

"Hi, I'm Dan Strongin.  My father was a journalist.  In addition to working as a Five Star Chef, Supermarket Wizard, Marketing Guru and Management Coach for value-added businesses, I have kept my hand in professional writing.  It's a family thing.

What gives me an edge is a long and successful experience in business​, and the ability to listen. I listen to you, ask questions, engage in your needs, make suggestions, and together we find the best possible way to address your copy needs."

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