Major Projects

Foodservice and Retail

Year Project Name Description
1973 -1981 Fundamentals of Haute Cuisine Classes for the Cambridge Center for Adult Education from 1973 to 1981.
1980 Professional Culinary Art Program Program developed for the Cambridge Center for Adult Education
1983 Winemaker Dinners For Cakebread, Rodney Strong, and others
1984 Founding President American Culinary Federation Greater East Bay Chapter
1988 Chef of the Year ACF Greater East Bay Chapter
1989 Fabricating New Zealand Venison 2 Video taped classes for cooking schools for the NZ Venison Council
1993 Rubicon Enterprises Help with production scheduling and Marketing for non-profit helping train homeless population for work through one of the best bakeries in the SF Bay Area.
1995 Center for Culinary Development Active member until today of the Chef's Council of the Center for Culinary Development, helping develop new product introductions for companies like Dannon, Frito Lay, McDonalds, Bui'toni, Seeds of Change and S&W.
1996 Andronico's Markets Helped with Gross Profit problem due to pricing structure installed by new VP.
1999 Belfiore Cheese Marketing Advice
2000 Tzali's Oversaw creation of new labels for Kosher wines from Israel. Wrote all copy.
2003 Cops Donuts Feasibility analysis, Strategic Planning, kitchen and facilities design and consultation, recipe development, quality control plan.
2003 Mary's Pizza Shack Develop new specials and reformulate recipes for family owned chain with 13 outlets serving authentic Southern Italian cooking in the Wine Country.
2003 Ocean Spray Recipe Development: Beverages
2003 Tony's Fine Foods Helped with new merchandising
2004 Cantina California Business Plan and Feasibility Study for Organic Fast Food Start-Up in Brazil
2004 Bravo Farms Strategic marketing advice, new product development and introduction, a naturally rinded cheese, which increased profitability by 40% from previous year.
2004 CEA Partnered in developing strategic marketing and business plan to secure investment for two farmhouse cheesemakers. Did feasibility studies for others.
2004 Bristol Farms cooking Classes
2005 North Country Fare A restaurant Chain Concept featuring Wisconsin Specialty and Artisan Foods for the USDA Cooperative Extension with Robert Schatz, Ph.D., co-author.

Administration, Marketing, & Commercialization

Year Project Name Description
1989 Created the Modern Olive Bar Created the modern self-serve Olive Bar while at Andronico's Markets with Sotiris Kitrilakis of Peloponnese: Bowls of Olives on Metro Shelving with Sneeze Guard.
1991 California Wine Experience Cheese Tasting
1992 Fancy Food Show Moderate Panel on Taste and Health for the AIWF
1993 Gourmet News Marketing Summit Panelist
1994 American Cheese Society Conference Conference Chair and Programs Coordinator
1995 Cryovac In-Store Specialty Cheese Survey Presented Study at the annual IDDBA Convention
1995 American Cheese Society President and Chairman of the Board. Eliminated 45,000 dollar deficit and secured financial well being of the society. Re-wrote by-laws. Served until 1998.
1996 First International Conference on Farmstead Cheese: Metsovo, Greece Conference Chair and Program Coordinator
1997 Merchandising Real California Cheese A Guide for Specialty Retailers for the California Milk Advisory Board and related seminars.
1999 Trends in Specialty Cheeses Presentation for Cal Poly Dairy Science Department Seminar ""Basics for the Farmstead Cheesemaker
1999 So You Want to Be a Cheesemaker California Milk Advisory Board Dairymen Seminar that was seminal in the growth of artisan and farmhouse cheesemaking in the state.
1999 California Cheese Families Advised on the categorization and description of types of cheeses made in California.
1999 California Butter & Cheese Speaker: Small Small World of Specialty Cheeses.
1999 Storing and Handling Cheese Wrote CMAB guides for retailers, chefs, distributors, and consumers on best practices. Updated annually with latest research.
1999 Rocky Mountain Farmers Union Management Consulting for prospective cooperative goat dairy in Colorado.
2000 Dairy Farmers Seminars Develop intial outline and topic. Moderated and presented on opportunities for Dairy Farmers in cheese.
2000 NASFT Seminar Understanding Specialty Cheese at the San Francisco Fancy Food Show
2000 Seattle Cheese Co Review Business Plan and give advice on feasibility for start-up to be named Beechers.
2001 Dairy Farmers Seminars Moderate and Presentation to provide basic skill information to Dairyment considering making cheese
2001 Real Cheese CD Collected, collated, scanned, color corrected and linked all available technical and promotional documents for the CMAB Into an Interactive CD.
2001 USDEC Presentation in the Domincan Republic on American Cheeses.
2001 Recipe Cards for Retail Over 120 Recipes that work for any cheese in a given family for the CMAB.
2001 Tasting Sheets For all California Artisan and Farmhouse Cheeses with all information requested by retailers for the CMAB Specialty Retail Program.
2002 Aging Gracefully: The Art and Science of Ripening Cheese Cheesemaker Seminar sponsored by the California Milk Advisory Board at the Mondavi COPIA center in . Napa. Developed, wrote, coordinated and moderated as well as presented
2002 Talking to Customers about Cheese CMAB retailer guide
2002 Cheese Glossary Definitions of cheese related terms for CMAB website and brochures
2003 Working with Natural and Indigenous Rennets and Cultures Presentation and moderate panel for the American Cheese Society Conference
2003 Pairing Real California Artisan Cheese Pamphlet on Elegant Entertaining including how to serve a cheese tray, 5 cheese platter recipes, and guidelines for pairing cheese with wine for the California Milk Advisory Board Specialty Retail Program.
2003 The Art of Flavor Development In Cheese Study and Seminar for the California Milk Advisory Board. Seminar repeated 3 times in various parts of the State and in Washington State.
2003 Raw Milk Cheese: Challenges and Opportunities Moderator for Retailers Roundtable
2003 Golden Ridge Cheese Cooperative Marketing Plan for Grant and Industry Introductions
2004 Consortium of Artisan and Farmhouse Cheesemakers Feasibility study and Business Plan for Grant application for the University of California at Davis Agricultural Extension to create a cooperative warehousing and marketing consortium.
2004 Holly Road Farms Marketing Advice
2004 Sierra Nevada Cheese Company Ongoing Marketing Coach
2005 Turning Chaos Into Control Participant in three day cheese conference sponsored by DBIC and the U Wise-River Falls.
2005 Wisconsin Cheese Industry Conference Panelist
2005 Fiscalini Farms Strategic Planning, Re-call program, Quality Control Issues
2005 Three Sisters Farmstead Cheese Marketing Coaching and Strategic Planning
2005 Bellwether Farms 3 month contract for Marketing help
2005 Party Cheese Co. Help start-up cheese marketing company create company from ground up
2005 Sharpe Holdings Marketing Materials and management consulting for a new creamery in Missouri.
2006 DBIC Packaging Study Study and report on current packaging options for cheese available in Europe, but not in the US.
2006 Saxon Homestead Feasibility study and strategic plan for creamery for 450 head pasture based dairy
2006 Turning Value Added Into Profit Seminar for The Babcock Institute Conference: Great Milks, Great Products.
2006 Tasting: Hidden Gems Tasting in Madison Wisconsin
2006 Olive Short Course Speaker on building a value-added category in the marketplace for naturally fermented olives
2006 Beecher's Handmade Cheese Marketing Coaching
2006 Matthew Brichford Strategic Marketing Plan for Grant Application
2007 Afflnage Store Consult on design and implementation of affinage facility with retail and tasting space in St. Louis, Missouri
2007 Saxon Homestead Creamery Good Manufacturing Practices, Administrative and Employee Handbooks, Training program, QAACP, Implementation of strategy.
2007 The Farm Feasibility study and consultation on implementation for creamery in a multi-discipline farm in Washington State to include pasture fed dairy, winery, gardens, restaurant, and creamery.