Project-Client Highlights



Headquarters in Green Bay, WI, USA • Plant in Saucilo, Chihuahua, MX. Food Ingredient Manufacturer and largest exporter of fermented peppers in Mexico. Export to the US, Europe and the Middle East. Project Duration: November 2007 to July 2014

Hired to help assess company to prepare for the retirement of the owner. Evolved into helping transform company from bootstrapped structure to integrated horizontal structure harmonized with new production flow inspired by TPS, Toyota Production System and TWI, Training Within Industry creating a vibrant, profitable, self-learning company driven by pride in, and the enjoyment of work.


  • Collaborative Development of New Production System Based on Flow and TPS
  • Installation of Statistical Process Control and Problem Solving
  • Increased Productivity Lowering Costs of Operation
  • Increasing Profits despite 10% Less Volume in Sales during  Recession of 2008
  • Tailored Constraint Management, Throughput and Operational Reporting Tools
  • Coached Team Development and Cross Training
  • Professionalization of all Levels through Soft Skills and Crisis Communication Training
  • Coached them in Development of Low Budget EWC System
  • Installed Training Within Industry Program
  • Trained Owner and Management in Understanding Business Data the Deming Way
  • Coached Long Term Strategic Planning, Kanban, Mistake-Proofing and Root Cause Analysis
  • Developed General Manager and assistants to prepare for eventual retirement of Owner.

We have achieved a level of teamwork and enjoyment of work that I don’t believe would ever have been possible without Dan’s help.

James Manning
Owner, RES and Edco


Helped lead a wide effort to reinvigorate the Wisconsin Dairy Industry through Innovation and the establishement of a value added artisinal niche in the mainstream chain of distribution. Dan specialized in the creation of the overall strategic umbrella marketing plans, as well as pricing strategies for clients' products to provide real world profitability, and helping them effectively apply collaborative marketing techniques.

Length of Involvement in Project: 5 years.  In the years of Dan's involvement they took a state that was losing market share; where family farms were in rapid decline after 5 decades of  dependence on commodity production contracts with large producers. In the 5 years Dan helped lead the effort, the results were astonishing:

  • 43 New Cheese Plants
  • 54 New Varieties of Cheese and other Innovative Dairy Products
  • 1.2 billion reinvestment in Wisconsin Cheese
  • Top International Product Awards
  • Grew to Produce 46% of all Specialty Cheese in the US.

After my career retirement, I was requested to write the U.S. Department of Agriculture a grant application to revitalize small farms in the State of Wisconsin. The first person called was Dan Strongin. He was without question the most innovative added value member of our team. ...truly the big picture person amongst our 20 employees.

IN our first five years, Dan helped lead a wide effort which has produced a renaissance in Wisconsin's signature industry. he provided leadership, knowledge, unmatched industry contacts, tireless effort and optimism in launching ...into an incredible period of growth and innovation.

Dan Carter 
DBIC Founder

WMMB and the Creation of a New Market Niche.

From 1995 to 2005, Dan was instrumental in developing the Marketing programs for Artisan and Farmhouse Cheeses as a key consultant, researching, helping define and implement the tactical approach to achieve the State's strategy of featuring value added products to raise the prestige of the states dairy industry. Authored numerous educational seminars and training for producers, food writers, chefs and retailers leading to an explosive growth in the number of small high quality producers. During this time California developed a reputation for fine cheesemaking. In 2001, California's cow's milk cheesemakers won 27 awards at the prestigious American Cheese Society (ACS) annual judging (more than any other state) including 15 first places.

  • 12 of the 27 California cheeses that won in the 2001 ACS competition did not exist in 1997.
  • 3 of the cheesemakers who won in the 2001 ACS competition were dairy farmers who became interested in cheesemaking through the CMAB seminars and went on to establish well respected national brands.

One of the CMAB’s most successful initiatives, implemented under the public relations program, has been the extensive program it created to nurture the growth of the state’s nascent artisan and farmstead cheese industries. As a result of the comprehensive programs put in place by the CMAB in the 10 years since the initiative began, California has quickly developed a worldwide reputation as a respected producer of many specialty, artisan and farmstead cheese types. Its efforts involved extensive research, smart objectives and strategies, and superior tactical execution.

Michelle Greenwald, Columbia University Graduate School of Business

Recent Projects in Brazil

The Association of Merchants of Artisan Cheeses of Brazil


Development of Membership, Code of Ethics, and On-boarding programs and monthly training in business skills.

 2019 in Petropolis, RJ

Develop excel tool for company testing with "6 Sigma" Visual Reports: Xmr, CPK, Histogram and Distribution for Automotive vehicle manufacturing and transforming companies. ISO 9000 certified.

 2019 in Niteroi, RJ
A "Rapid Assessment" implementation:
Assess the current company situation, its processes and management tools and introduce a continuous improvement system, including aspects of throughput accounting.

 2019 in Curitiba, PA
A "Rapid Assessment" implementation: 
Assess the current company's situation due to under achieing in profit, studying  its processes, and management tools,  introducing aspects of throughput accounting. Duration: 3 days

Brownie do Luiz

 2019 in Rio de Janeiro

A "TudoNaLinha"  (Streamlining) project

Break the bottleneck and release production, then deliver to points of sale by consumption in order to improve brownie sales by more than 20%.

On the first day of operation, after one week of training with the Brownie production team, they experienced a 39% increase in productivity for the entire company by applying principles of Lean Manufacturing, TWI (Training within Industry) and TOC (Theory of Constraints). Without more investment, without motivational tricks, but with knowledge, calculation and observation.


2016 -2018

Seminars on continuous improvement, SPC, and Training for the leading ISO training provider in Latin America, including:

  • Cutrale
  • Tribunal da Justiça Federal de Palmas, Tocantins (para IBC/FGV)
  • CEAFI, Goiánia

Galeria do Queijo

July 2017 in São Paulo, SP

A "Rapid Assessmnet Implementation:

Assess the current company situation, its processes up to management tools and introduce a system of "On-hand/build-to" purchase  control and throughput accounting to track the flow of profit dollars on a daily basis.